Why You Shouldn’t DIY Bookkeeping

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Like any startup founder or small business owner, you too may feel tempted to do everything related to your business by yourself to minimize costs. In some situations, it might make sense, but when it comes to your business’s bookkeeping do-it-yourself approach may actually become a hindrance instead of saving your time and money.

As bookkeeping experts at Mountain Bookkeeping LLC., we know how bad bookkeeping looks like and how it will lead you to expensive mistakes, such as miscalculating, incurring penalties, or facing lengthy financial audits down the line. 

So to help you understand how things could go wrong if you do them yourself, we have explained in detail two reasons why you shouldn’t DIY bookkeeping.

1. You could end up paying more taxes
Becoming your own bookkeeper means you’ll have to keep on track of all your finances, and as a business owner, tackling other aspects of your business you probably won’t have accurate financial information. And if you don’t understand what’s coming in and going out of your business, you’ll never know your business’s actual financial state. So when you have millions of things on your plate, you could make a bookkeeping error that can be disastrous in the long run and may lead you to pay more in taxes.

2. Liable to making costly mistakes
The adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in many cases. Even a small error can be very costly to fix if it’s not caught early. When you’re not regularly maintaining your books, these types of innocent mistakes may go unnoticed until it causes significant damage to your finances.

Do the right thing - Hire a professional
The money management of your business is certainly an important task, but it’s not necessarily crucial for you to be the one to do it. In fact, if you don’t have a fairly strong background in accounting, it’s probably advisable that you don’t handle your own bookkeeping. Delegating this task to a professional will help you find errors while freeing you up to work on your business. But make sure to hire someone qualified and experienced to do your books.

Generally, the cost of hiring a bookkeeper may vary from person to person, but the rate is usually from $250 up.

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